Patients & Visitors

We look forward to partnering with you and your loved ones to help us make sure your hospital experience is a healing experience.  To call a patient’s room, please dial: 321-268-6111.

The following safety measures are in place to provide a safe and healing environment for all:

• Public access is limited to the Main Entrance and the Emergency Department entrance 24/7. Security officers are posted at these entrances 24/7. 

• Visitors/Partners in care must check-in with picture ID to receive a visitor’s badge after 8 p.m. 

• Visitors/Partners in care will be verified with the receiving patient/family or nursing team prior to access after 8 p.m.

• Visitors/Partners in care are welcomed to be with the patient based on the patient’s preferences and wishes.

• Partners in care are person(s) identified by the patient who are family members and/or other individuals that are present to support the patient during the course of the patient’s stay

.• Quiet time, designated from the hours of 8 p.m.-7 a.m. every day, will be observed to promote a restful healing environment for patients. One way this is accomplished is by limiting disruptions from the care team and partners in care. If a partner in care stays during quiet time, he or she will be asked to obtain a pass from Security. There may be times when visitors/partners in care would need to be limited. Every effort will be made to work collaboratively and respectfully with the patient and partners in care to ensure the safety, quality of care, privacy, rest and confidentiality of all patients.

If at any time during your visit you would like to speak to a patient advocate or our Patient Experience Professional, please dial 321-268-6685.

What to Expect at Parrish Medical Center

Heading to our hospital? Watch this short Emmi® program to better prepare for your stay with us | View Video.The program answers common questions and addresses common concerns including:  •   Why do hospital staff keep asking me my name?•   Do I bring my medications with me?
•   Is the hospital noisy?


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