Patient Stories

Healing Moments are any and all opportunities PMC caregivers have to create a positive impression in the minds of caregivers, medical staff, patients/families, visitors, and the community served. The goal of our Healing Moments initiative is to improve patient/family perceptions through improved communication between caregivers and patients/families.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write us with your compliments. It is our honor and privilege to serve you!  

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Healing the Family"

Each life encounter has a ripple effect. That’s because, as it has often been said, no one is an island. We’re all interconnected in one way or another. This is as true in our professional healing work as it is in our personal lives. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that as we focus our healing care on the person before us. But Mr. and Mrs. Messina remind us of our greater impact on healing families and healing communities as they share their recent experience.

One moment last April, Mr. Messina was manning his post as a school crossing guard, the next, he was found unresponsive by a group of students on their way to school. “The students were so caring and brave,” said Mrs. Messina. “They called 911 and stayed with him until help arrived.”

Mr. Messina’s condition was dire. He had suffered several seizures, a stroke and had a heart condition. “John spent four days in the Intensive Care Unit at Parrish Medical Center,” she continued. “The staff members in the ICU were so good to us both; they were so kind and took amazing care of John! They even allowed our church to come in and pray with us.”

Complicating matters, Mrs. Messina had just had surgery prior to John falling ill. She was in a wheelchair, unable to drive herself to and from the hospital. With no family in the area, the community pulled together to help her and to make sure she made it to the hospital every day to be with her husband. The school children, who had found him that day in April, sent 60 get-well cards.

On the fourth day, Mrs. Messina and the ICU care team witnessed something miraculous. John woke up. He was alert and answering questions and was very grateful after hearing of the care and love he received. Mrs. Messina explained that the loving, healing care did not stop there. After John was allowed to go home, his nurses and doctors arranged for Home Health and Therapy to come daily. When they found out that Mrs. Messina had recently had surgery, they made arrangements for her to have Home Health as well.

“This is beyond what you would expect,” said Mrs. Messina. “The kindness and support we received was overwhelming! John is now back to 100 percent, and we are so grateful to the Parrish Medical Center staff. The Home Health nurses and therapists have all been so delightful and attentive. I wish I could remember everyone’s name, but please know that you are wonderful. You saved him - you made him stronger and you helped me along the way. Thank you, Parrish Medical Center, for excellent care!”

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Home Sweet Home"

As care partners of Parrish Healthcare, our mission - "Healing Experiences for Everyone All the Time" - doesn’t stop at the end of our workday. It isn’t a coat that we put on when we arrive at work and take off before going home. It is who we are and what we do. The following is another example of a care partner living our mission.

Michele Roberge, a care partner at the Sleep Disorders Center, went to the home of a patient, Mrs. B, to deliver a CPAP machine. Michele found Mrs. B sitting at her dining table, the only furniture in the entire house.

Mrs. B had recently moved into the home. Due to the costs of various deposits and other moving expenses, Mrs. B had no money for furnishings. Mrs. B explained that she had been sleeping on the floor. Mrs. B went on to say, “I’m so happy to be in my own home sweet home, I don’t mind sleeping on the floor for a while.”

But, Michele minded. She said, “I’ve known Mrs. B for years; it broke my heart to see her so happy in an empty house.” Michele went to Facebook and asked if anyone had any furniture they no longer wanted and were willing to part with. “The response was incredible; there are some very caring and generous people in our community.”

When Michele was finished, Mrs. B had a complete bedroom set, a sofa, a love seat, a TV, and other home decor. Mrs. B was overwhelmed. She kept saying over and over, “I can’t believe this; I am so blessed.”

Michele is in good company at the Sleep Disorders Center. Here are some comments from patients about other care partners at the center:

  • Marietta Rode is awesome! I was afraid; her kind, encouraging words calmed me.
  • Alan Marcotte was especially courteous. He explained everything answering all my questions.
  • Maria Stangl’s personality and positive attitude had a direct impact on my experience.
  • Laurence Fabre was compassionate to my needs. She treated me with gentle hands.
  • Danieliza Juniis-Johnson is a great help in caring for Spanish speaking patients. Many thanks.
  • Kim Sidor made sure I got the proper breathing machine for my advanced COPD. Now I can breathe easy at home.


"Healing Presence for Family and Patient"

"Presence" is offering ourselves and our attention to our job and the people around us, according to Erie Chapman, author of Sacred Work and Radical Loving Care.

When we offer ourselves and our attention to our job, and the people around us, we use our eyes to notice changes in feelings and behaviors and our ears to hear changes in a person’s voice. Our heart is open to loving care.

Third Floor Nurse Lindsay shared an example of presence recently shown by another care partner. In her words:

“I just want to pass on an experience that our Unit Secretary Deb Watkins had with a patient’s family. We sometimes will talk about how we can impact the patients and their families, and it’s nice to hear about things that are helpful for future situations. Deb noticed two women talking with the doctor in the hallway. By the look on their faces, it appeared to her that they had received bad news about their loved one. They quickly went into the bathroom in the lobby. She explained to me that she recognized the look as she herself had been in that situation when her mom had received bad news.

“Deb took it upon herself to stop what she was doing and to take the time to talk with them. She waited outside the restroom with a box of tissues and when they came out, they had a conversation. Deb encouraged them to think that even if their loved one was confused, that they could focus on spending their last days reminiscing, playing music the person loved, and to bring items that were meaningful to their loved one. Deb explained to me that she could see some of their grief leave their faces and could tell they had changed their focus on to this new mission. She explained that she wished someone had done the same with her when her mom was passing.

“When she told me this experience, I just knew this is what we are all about here at Parrish and that we truly fulfill our mission of healing experiences for everyone all the time®. I want to make sure that every team member - no matter what their role - understands that they can make a difference in someone's life every day. Be observant and take the time to make a difference! I know I learned from Deb’s experience and will make sure to make this a focus with future grieving families that I encounter.”


"His Kindness Shines Through You"

Our Intensive Care Unit patients are provided intense, life-saving care and attention around-the-clock. But there are moments, despite all the wonders of modern medicine, when end-of-life is unavoidable. At such times, our ICU care partners transform from life-saving superheroes into so much more.

Recently, a card with the beautiful bible verse, Second Corinthians Chapter 9, Verse 8, was addressed to the ICU doctors, nurses and staff from a family who had lost a loved one. “His kindness shines through you!” they added. Members of this family took the time to express in that card just what our actions had meant:

  • “Words seem so inadequate to express my heart. I appreciate the time you spent caring for my dad and our family,” wrote one.
  • “Thank you so much for taking care of my dad, and being so good to him. It’s nice to know his last hours were peaceful,” wrote another.
  • “Thank you so much for all of your help while my pawpaw was sick - you made a hard time easier.”

The family’s gratitude continued:

  • “… I know you were always busy, but it seemed you always put my dad first. Your care and dedication was beyond words.”

And finally:

  • “Thank you so much for all of your tender care and attention toward my grandfather. The care you gave him means the world to me.”

As care partners, we sometimes are called upon to be present with another in his or her final moments, as well as with the families that have to let them go. To hold a hand. To be the shoulder to cry on. To quietly murmur words of consolation. What greater responsibility do we have in the face of such grief? That is what the ICU team did for this family. We understand that a patient is also a father, a grandfather and a friend. We treat him and his family with kindness, compassion, respect and loving care through his final moments. Giving loving, healing care - besides being the right thing to do - always means the world to someone.


"Fueling our Healing Work"

It is 3:00 am and hospital census is high. Some patients are deep in healing sleep. Some are restless with pain or discomfort of their illness or injury. And, others are fighting for their lives.

On this particular morning, the soothing smell of freshly made pancakes and maple syrup serve as a warm greeting to our third shift care partners. And serving up this hearty breakfast are Medical/Surgical Director Alex Gutierrez, Periop/Diagnostic Services Executive Director Matt Graybill, Information Governance Executive Director LeeAnn Cottrell and Recruitment Assistant Walter Leblanc.

From 3 a.m. until 5 a.m. they served breakfast to our fellow care partners who are ensuring safe and healing care for our patients through the night. And they also served up love, caring and appreciation for the healing work that is being performed on behalf of the patients and families in our care.

The breakfast was a healing moment for the team to come together as a family of care partners. While the pancakes helped to refuel the minds, bodies, and spirits of our care partners, it also served to refuel, or remind us of, our passion for our purpose to provide healing experiences for everyone all the time®.

Summer Witcher, RN, shared how grateful she was for the breakfast, and also how thankful she was for her fellow care partners: “I just wanted to say thank you for the breakfast. It was so very nice after a busy night!” she said. “I also wanted to recognize some people from my shift last night. I had a critical situation happen with a patient and my Clinical Coordinator Eliza Talplacido, RN was great. She helped me call the doctors as I was taking care of the patient. I also want to thank my awesome CNA Meagan Hearn. Without her I would not have made it through (that) night! And a huge thank you to Elvira Nevels who was sitting with the patient that evening and notified me of the situation right away! Also, the Critical Assessment Team (CAT) nurses are so great. Hazel Sloan, RN and Christine Rich, RN came and helped me so much. Christine even came back hours later to make sure everything was OK and gave me some recommendations for day shift.

“Whenever we work as a team like this, it makes me remember why I became a nurse.”


"The Healing Hearts of Healthcare"

Parrish Medical Center Respiratory Therapist Sharon M. shared this personal story of finding strength through healing moments. Her son, Travis, has battled a serious illness since 2008 when he was just 14 years old. While other boys his age were tackling homework and spending time with their friends, Travis was here, spending time in the hospital.

"Travis has been admitted many times - sometimes for weeks at a time," Sharon explained. "The staff has always gone the extra mile for us. Travis was always greeted with open arms, smiles and loving care. They treat us like family!"

Sharon recalls one specific occasion when Travis had to be hospitalized out of town for six weeks. PMC care partners raised $3,000 and donated personal leave time so she wouldn’t have to worry about not receiving a paycheck. "I don’t know what I would have done without the support of this hospital," she said.

During those many years, Travis, while not feeling well, was not only able to graduate high school, but he was also able to initiate and complete his Eagle Scout project. Next time you are out in the courtyard, look for the arbors. Beneath them you will see a stone engraved with this quote: Finding strength through healing moments.

Travis, along with the help of scouts from Troop 497, family and friends, constructed the arbors and the healing garden. Sharon is filled with joy and pride when telling of his accomplishments. Travis found his strength through the healing moments he received from care partners.

Travis is 24 years old now and, happily, he’s quite a different person. His health has improved and he feels good. "We are taking it one day at a time," said Sharon, "but he is doing so much better! He is starting college in the fall, and is finally able to take part in activities he has missed out on. He even began volunteering at PMC, to show his appreciation and pay it forward."

"Words cannot express my gratitude; thank you for treating us like family," she said. "Thank you to everyone that had a hand in his care and to those that just offered a smile and a kind word. Thank you, especially, to the fifth floor nurses, for your excellence and for your shoulder when I needed it. Thank you, Chaplain Jerald Smith, for being there during the hard times and now for sharing in my joy. Thank you all, and remember that we are family through the good times and the bad."


"Stop to Smell the Roses"

I want to do something special for my birthday, said seven-year-old Adili, to her mother.

What might a little girl think is special? A day of pampering at the American Girl Doll store? Spending the day with Mickey and Minnie at Disney? Or maybe a water park or beach day?

Well, for little Adili, her idea of a special birthday was to bring happiness to others. She spent part of her birthday delivering pink roses and get well cards to several of our patients. She picked pink roses because the color pink represents love of oneself and others.

Adili’s mother, Clinical Sleep Navigator Danieliza, explains, “I really wanted her to understand that life is not just about always getting something, it is about giving something of yourself as well. So we decided, as a part of her birthday, we would give out flowers to patients in the hospital who may not have visitors, who may be lonely, or who just need an extra lift in their day. I wanted her to understand that she and I are blessed far greater than we understand, especially in regards to our health. There are people who have very tough situations that they are dealing with on a daily basis.”

One patient who received this very special visit and rose from Adili was battling cancer. Upon receiving the gift, he recited, “stop and smell the roses,” which is a way of saying slow down, enjoy the beauty of life, the sacredness of nature, the gift of reflection, and, we believe, the gift of a healing experience.

Danieliza was not only teaching her daughter about the values that guide her life and her work, she was also fulfilling our shared mission — Healing Experiences for Everyone all the Time; our vision — Healing Families—Healing Communities; and our values — Safety, Loyalty, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence, and Stewardship.


"Making Grandma Beautiful Again"

Early one morning, a woman visited the fifth floor Cancer Care Boutique with a small bag containing a very precious gift.

Holding up the small bag, the woman explained that the bag contained blond hair clippings from her six-year old granddaughter. Her granddaughter, who was visiting from out of state, wanted to do something to help grandma “be beautiful” again.

Grandma was undergoing chemo treatments and lost her own hair. Her granddaughter had long, beautiful blond hair, which she cut so that grandma could have a wig made from it.

While the small amount of hair in the bag was not enough to make a wig, Grandma came to us to ask for help so her granddaughter’s loving gift would be honored.

“Do you have a wig that might match my granddaughter’s hair?” asked the grandmother.

The little girl’s hair was a distinctive color and it would be difficult to match it, but maybe, just maybe, they’d find one that was close. A brand new shipment of wigs had just come in and, as luck would have it, the very first wig drawn from the box was a perfect match!

Grandma tried it on and not only was it a perfect color match, it fit well and, indeed Grandma looked and felt beautiful again!

Grandma, granddaughter and the entire family were overjoyed.


"Symbol of Excellence"

From grade school to the workplace, the gold star is a symbol of excellence. Earning five stars means you have achieved the highest level of excellence. We know from our own experiences and our own personal expectations for excellence what it takes to earn that level of praise.

That’s why when we received a card about the healing work of EVS care partner Sue Gadel that was signed with no name, but with five hand-drawn hearts, it was significant. The card simply said, “Sue is so thorough, professional and kind. She went above and beyond when cleaning my patients’ rooms. This hospital could not run well without her.” Then the five hearts were drawn.

The words were simple, but the meaning deep. Replacing gold stars with hearts. That’s what our mission, vision and values are all about. It’s about putting heart into everything we do on behalf of the people, patients, family and community we so proudly serve. And, it’s about providing healing experiences for everyone all the time at levels that touch people’s hearts.

Likely, the care partner who wrote the card saw Sue’s commitment, dedication and passion for her healing work over some period of time before writing the card. It takes every care partner to always bring their commitment, dedication and passion to work because our work is healing work.

From ensuring a clean and clutter-free environment to ensuring the grounds, plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems are operating smoothly, to every facet of our integrated care network—our work is healing work! 


"The Art of Presence"

I am more than “just a patient.”
I am not my health condition – diabetic; heart failure; frequent flyer; gallbladder…
I am important.
I have a story; it’s the story of my life.

Understanding that every person has a story and that every person deserves to feel important is at the heart of our mission—Healing Experiences for Everyone all the Time®. A proven way to fulfill our mission, with every person, all the time, is by perfecting “The Art of Presence”— being consciously and compassionately in the present moment with another, believing in and affirming their potential for healing wherever they are in life.

Melanie Hallum, pre-admission RN, practices “The Art of Presence” in her daily work.

“Both my husband and I would like to mention how pleased we were with Melanie Hallum, my pre-admission nurse. This lady was kind, knowledgeable, comforting, and very professional at all times. She didn’t make us feel like we were on a production line, and when we left we felt fully informed about my upcoming surgery. She never made me feel rushed and she certainly put me ‘at ease’… Thank you for having her at your facility.” – Wes and Linda N.

The secret to Melanie’s presence?

  • Melanie was kind.
  • Melanie was comforting; professional.
  • Melanie didn’t make them feel like they were on a production line.
  • She never made them feel rushed. And she put them at ease.

If you want to make a person feel important or cared about, practice “The Art of Presence.”



"Leaving an Imprint with Acts of Kindness"

In a healthcare organization with more than 1,300 care partners, there are hundreds of thousands of patient-family-care partner interactions every day. Some are so brief as to brush by almost without notice. But even the smallest things can leave an impression - a smile at an apprehensive patient; a “please” when making a request of someone; a reassuring word; any act of kindness. All these examples and many more like them are meaningful and leave an imprint. Here are some of the imprints that care partners have made recently as written on our Care and Share cards by grateful third and fifth floor patients.

  • “I wanted to take the time to let you know what loving, wonderful, professional care I’ve received during my stay in the hospital during my total knee replacement by Dr. Hanna. (The care) by RN Amanda and CNA Sam has been so great…I’ve been blessed to have such a loving and caring staff. I rate them all 5 stars for excellence.”
  • “Your day service and night service were fantastic and professional. Every time I called for help, day or night, they came immediately. Nurses were great, especially Lauren.”
  • “Judy CNA is awesome! Took great care of my dad and we loved her.”
  • “I must compliment your entire staff during my latest stay. Wonderful hospital, doctors, phenomenal nursing staff, housekeeping and food preparers. Thank you, Parrish personnel.”
  • “Great ladies, especially Grace and Victoria. But everyone did a great job. Super sweet!”
  • “Cindy, thanks for always being on time and taking the time to talk to me. It meant a lot. Great RN!”
  • “Casey, your smile is infectious and I am jealous of your energy. Thank you for your help!”

Each moment of contact with patients, families, and fellow care partners is a moment in which our spirit of healing, and commitment to living our mission, vision, and values, leaves an imprint on someone’s life. Make every moment an impactful, healing moment.


"Circle of Healing"

Our values dictate the actions we take to ensure healing experiences for patients and visitors. Sometimes, unexpectedly, our patients and visitors give us a healing experience too.

As sponsors of the Tico Warbird Airshow, Parrish Medical Center was honored to receive a visit from the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, the Air Force’s official demonstration team, also known as America’s Ambassadors in Blue. The purpose of their visit was to spread goodwill to the community and to lift the spirits of sick patients.

More than 50 patients, visitors and care partners took advantage of the opportunity to meet the Thunderbirds and get a photo with them in the hospital atrium. After that, the Thunderbirds visited with patients, mostly veterans, and their families on the patient units.

Patients spoke with pride about their service experiences and responsibilities. One patient, an Air Force vet, said being in the service was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Being in the service allowed him to see the world, taught him how to build relationships and be a part of a team, then later it provided him the resources to get an education through the GI Bill.

The Thunderbirds listened to the stories and shared related experiences. They thanked each veteran for their service, and explained how their service paved the way for the men and women serving today.

The Thunderbirds brought a healing experience to our patients and their families by being present. As one person commented on social media, “Good job… gives the patients a lift… thanks guys.”


"Caring for the Caregiver"

A nurse’s knowledge and experience bring calm and confidence to innumerable situations. Until it comes to having a baby, and then even a nurse can see her anxiety levels climb like a rocket heading into orbit.

Ericka Jacobs, an RN in the Emergency Department, became PMC’s Critical Care Educator. She credits PMC Care Partners for helping her through her apprehension about giving birth. “I was very nervous because I don’t usually take care of healthy, normal pregnant women,” Ericka wrote to Melinda Hodges, manager of PMC Women’s Services. “I truly had no idea what to expect for my delivery.”

Lorraine Cunniff, who initially cared for Ericka, is a nurse who is “absolutely AMAZING,” according to Erika. “Lorraine knew I was a nurse," Ericka added, "but could also sense that I was nervous.” Erika credits Lorraine with gentle guidance which helped her to relax.

However, Ericka would eventually require an emergency C-section. “I had Lorraine again a day or two post-op and she was just as happy and cheerful as she was the day I came in. If it weren’t for her, I don’t know that I could have gotten through everything."

"Rita Jordan was the second nurse that was my savior,” Ericka continued. “She was so incredibly helpful after I left the hospital by offering the Moms and Kidz support group at The Children’s Center. She has helped, encouraged, and guided me throughout this thing we call motherhood. She is truly an angel!”

Dr. Lena E. Weinman-Greenberg earned Ericka’s praise as well. “She is such an amazing doctor,” Ericka wrote. “She is down-to-earth, knowledgeable, truthful, caring, and honest. I trusted her throughout my pregnancy and will absolutely see her again for future babies.”

Ericka concluded her note to Melinda by saying, “I just wanted you to know what an amazing team you have. You ladies do amazing work up there and I’m so thankful that my daughter and I were lucky enough to receive your team’s care.”


"Voice of Our Patients"

Listening to the voices of our patients and community is key to our commitment for continuous improvement and key to our ability to fulfill our mission—Healing experiences for everyone all the time®. We listen in many ways. One way is through our Care and Share comment cards and another is through monitoring social media conversations. Here are some recent comments from grateful patients about their Parrish Healthcare experiences:

From Social Media:

Lisa K. posted, “My one-year-old ingested a prescription pill this morning, which sent us racing to the Parrish ER. I just want to say…thank you so much for taking such great care of both my daughter AND me. We hadn’t gotten a chance to eat before this all happened, and a nurse, Stella, brought us crackers, drinks and then ordered food to be brought for us both while we waited, as we had to stay for observation. The whole staff was very kind, gentle, and attentive to concerns and needs. I’m just so thankful, thank you all!”

Kimberlee L. shared a memory from two years ago when her little girl lost her cherished stuffed bear named Baby while visiting Parrish: “Here’s a throwback for ya. Still so thankful for the staff at Parrish who searched high and low for this bear, the nurse who bought her a new one and the people who found the original at last! The little old bear is still with her every night and her shot/blood draw buddy, and the newer, bigger bear is its best friend, cared for by big sister. They love their matching bears and the incredible story of love that goes with them.”

From Care & Share Cards:

“When pre-registering, Juliana in Central Scheduling is very professional yet very helpful to us older folks. Great representative of Parrish for sure.”

“Excellent experience today for a mammogram and bone scan. Wait was minutes and the tech, Pam Woods, was professional and friendly.”

“(Emergency physician) Dr. Williams, thank you for playing a big role in saving my life and just having a great attitude all the time. I’ll never forget you.”


"Loving versus Customer Service"

A healing hospital is about loving service to others. And, where loving service is needed the most, it is often the most challenging service to deliver.

Take the 30-year old patient with a long history of drug abuse. She’s back in the hospital for sepsis, her blood toxic from her life on the streets. She’d been discharged from the hospital clean earlier. She was supposed to continue antibiotic therapy, but a relapse landed her back in the emergency room. This time she needed in-hospital care until she could be released to her mother who lived out-of-state and a drug rehabilitation center there.

Chaplain Jerald Smith was a regular visitor and now part of the care plan. “Mom,” who was already in custody of our patient’s child, was unable to visit until she traveled to Florida to reconnect with her daughter upon discharge. “Being alone in hospital is a difficult situation,” said Jerald. “Over the course of a couple of weeks with this patient in our care, I noticed Jeanine Tomlinson, a Registered Nurse with the Infusion Center. She went above and beyond her duties to visit and encourage this patient.”

Jerald said that Jeanine had even printed out pictures of the patient’s family that the mom had sent, and posted them so that she could easily see and be comforted by them. She let her use her iPad to video-call the child she hadn’t seen in years. Jeanine picked up some toiletries and clothes at the mother’s request. A CNA on the floor also donated clothes. Our patient didn’t have much of her own. To this day, Jeanine and the family keep in touch, hoping that this woman – our patient, someone’s beloved daughter and a mother herself, continues to improve.

“This was good spiritual care,” added Jerald. It might have been easy to judge; but that’s not the Parrish way—our mission, as Jeanine and the care team demonstrated so beautifully is to provide healing experiences for everyone all the time®.


More Healing Moments

I just wanted to thank Parrish Medical Center for being able to fund the CPR class that Chief Allard taught. He told us how the Hospital gave the money to make it possible. Without Parrish doing that I would not be able to afford that class. I now know how to save my 1-year-old and my 9-year-old's life. I also have a much older husband that I take care of. It's good to know these programs are out there for people like me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

InQuickER is the best. It was so much nicer to wait at home instead of in the waiting room. My 84-year-old mother has dementia and waiting at the hospital would have been confusing for her. InQuickER was a great improvement to the ER.

When I walked into the emergency room at Parrish Hospital Titusville, I was immediately taken to the triage nurse. From there I was taken straight back, saw the doctor within 10 minutes, and was out of the ER and on my way home in less than an hour. I have told everyone I know about InQuickER and plan on using it again in the future :)

Thank you for last night. I am so grateful that I chose PSJ for my sleep study. After listening to others, including those at last night's session, I value the advice and advocacy that you and the entire Sleep Center have provided to me. It began with just being lucky enough to have Holly with me my first night and being able to schedule with her for the second night as well. A friend suggested it was kinda "creepy" to have someone watch you sleep. I found it to be comforting to have Holly watching over me, giving such care and support. Then you called with my results. You were so knowledgeable and reassuring in answering my questions and providing insight into this entire medical process. When I brought in my CPAP card for the download, Arianne was so patient and informative in explaining what the pages and pages of printouts meant. And then you allowed me to test-drive some different masks to help me find the one best suited to me. You know that I am very motivated to comply with the requirements of my apnea treatment, but I know that I lucked out in having Parrish PSJ as my medical mentor.  
»Meg H.

I just wish to compliment you on some of your employees. I had a Nuclear Stress test today and from the receptionist at check-in to the tech that did the imaging I was treated with respect and dignity. I would like to extend a special thank you to Jennifer who met me for the stress test and literally held my hand when I was given the drug to stress my heart. All of your people made a stressful time easier to get through. Thank you.
»Alexander H. (Titusville)

When I was a patient in your hospital I was admitted via the ER because of chest pains. I received the utmost professional and friendly care from all of the staff, the physicians and nursing staff. Being able to select your own meals from a menu added a special touch to the care of your patients and the meals were well balanced and also tasty. We here in the North Brevard area are fortunate to have such an outstanding facility available to us!
»Walter H. (Mims)

Today I was indeed fortunate to receive care from employees in the ER at Parrish Medical Center. I was astonished at the degree of their expertise. Now that is especially important, but the people skills and genuine devotion each of them demonstrated toward me during each step of my treatment left me with clear evidence that this community has a state-of-the-art facility and that includes the class act that makes it all come together… My sincere gratefulness and thanks
»Mary W. (Titusville)

Over the past year we have been patients at various times and cannot say enough about the wonderful care we have received. This has included doctors, nurses, LPN's & auxilians. PMC is the greatest healing environment ever!
»Hubert & Dorothy G. (Titusville)

I arrived at the ER with many broken ribs, broken clavicle and punctured lung from a fall. I am so pleased and impressed with the care and professionalism of the staff, nurses and doctors (in the ER and while hospitalized) who worked on me and helped me over a three-day period. I have experienced care at other hospitals in NY and feel that Parrish Medical Center sets a new standard for care. I am healing well and feel living in this community now is even more satisfying knowing the availability of such high quality healthcare. Thank you.
»Paul K. (Titusville)

My family and I would like to extend our most sincere thanks to the staff at Parrish Medical Center. During my recent stay I was fortunate enough to cross paths with some of the most caring and skilled nurses, doctors and office staff in the medical profession. I was treated with compassion and dignity from the time I arrived at the ER… Everyone here has made me and my family feel at ease. The care and treatment I received here proves that fine practice of medicine and patient care are the foremost concern of this medical center.
»Earl S. & Family

“Today was a mentally stressful day… checking for more cancer. However the kindness and caring shown by the delightful professionals in these departments makes all the difference in the world. I so appreciate a caring environment. Thank you.”
»Margarita R. (Titusville)

I had the best experience here. The nurses were all so fantastic and I would plan on coming back to have my next baby. I absolutely loved Parrish. The environment is absolutely wonderful. Thanks to everyone. The receptionists, the nurses, the lactation consultant, absolutely every one was great.
 »Crystal S. (Titusville)

I just want to say thanks to the ER staff that recently treated my 9-year-old son. He broke his wrist while rollerblading… The caregivers who were working that evening were wonderful with my son. He was in pain and very afraid. The caring employees not only treated him properly, but also calmed him down and talked to him during the treatment. By the time we left to go home, my son was asking me how soon he could go back to school. I'm a pharmacist and I hear about "healing moments" at PMC all the time. Now, thanks to the ER staff I've experienced one in my own family. Thank you!
 »Evelyn M. (Cocoa)

 “We are so grateful that you have the Senior Consultation now at Parrish… Thank you Parrish Medical Center for great care.
»Janet W. (Titusville)

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter commending the Emergency Room staff.. I was having a stroke… My care at Parrish Medical Center was excellent. The nurses, technicians, and assistants did everything they could to make my stay as pleasant as possible. They are to be commended for their positive attitude and quality care. I can say from experience, Parrish Medical is one of the best healing facilities in the country.
 »James F. (Titusville)

The diabetes program is exceptional in the care and support that they have given me. I don't know what I would do without them.
»Patrick D. (Mims)

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