Healing Environments

Architectural Design"First we shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us"
- Winston Churchill

Research indicates that environment plays an integral role in the healing of the mind, body and spirit. The concept of a healing environment was adopted by PMC during the planning phases of our replacement facility in 1996. When planning the new medical center, we wanted to provide the community we served with more than just an exceptional medical center, we wanted to provide them with one of America’s finest healing environments.

Consequently, Parrish Medical Center’s architecture and design incorporates each of the seven healing environment elements as recommended by the Center for Health Design:

  1. Nature  
  2. Color  
  3. Light  
  4. Environment  
  5. Security  
  6. Wayfinding  
  7. Culture
In 2002, PMC opened its 371,000 square foot replacement facility and became the first in the Southeast region to have designed and constructed an entire medical center using the principles of evidence-based design to create a healing environment — “one of America’s finest healing environments®.”

PMC has also included numerous amenities as part of our healing environment such as weekly live music concerts in the atrium, room service, concierge service, Skylight (in room entertainment system: movies, music, games, internet), humor therapy, therapy dogs and much more.

However, architecture, design, technology, and added amenities are only part of what is needed to make an environment healing. After moving into our new medical center we quickly learned that without a healing culture there never could be a true healing environment. Healing environments must reflect the values, beliefs and philosophies of the people and the community they serve. Therefore the physical building, the caregivers within that building, and the services provided must all be consistent with its regional and organizational culture.

Tobacco-Free Campuses For Your Good Health
Together with all Brevard County hospitals, PMC is proud to demonstrate our commitment to your good health by becoming tobacco-free inside and outside.The use of tobacco products has long been prohibited inside the hospital. The tobacco-free policy is now extending outside to include the entire hospital campus and parking lot. With more than 100 scientific studies demonstrating the hazardous health effects of tobacco use and passive smoke, providing a tobacco-free hospital campus is consistent with national standards.While in our care, your comfort and well being are our top priorities. 

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