Low Cost

In dollars and cents — and the quality you receive for both — it matters which hospital you use.

Parrish Medical Center is scored as Central Florida’s No. 1 hospital for clinical quality, a patient’s experience in the hospital, and low cost.

The overall differences in the charges between PMC and other Brevard hospitals for a wide assortment of care can add up to many thousands of dollars. Dollars you won’t spend if you are a PMC patient. This is because most insurance requires patients, in addition to deductibles, to pay a portion—usually 10 to 20 percent—of their hospital charges out-of-pocket.

Here are just two examples of PMC’s lower costs:
  • The average Brevard hospital charge for treating heart failure is $19,149; PMC’s charge is $15,405
  • The average charge for pneumonia treatment is $22,672; PMC’s charge is $16,504.

You can find more information about Brevard County hospital charges at medicare.gov/hospitalcompare or visit parrishmed.com/itmatters.

We all want the absolute best care, but we don’t want to feel like we’ve been hit by a financial hammer because we had to go to the hospital. That’s why we’re delighted with PMC’s ranking as Brevard’s lowest-cost, highest-quality hospital.

An Aug. 12, 2013, article published in Florida Today, headlined “Parrish ranked among top hospitals” said: “When it comes to quality of care and patient experience, Brevard County has a hospital among the highest rated in the country … according to the federal agency that runs Medicare and Medicaid.”

This information, compiled by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), is important to everyone, not only for those on Medicare or Medicaid.

PMC has long understood that quality, safety and cost are paramount to provide healthcare that truly serves people. Even more than understanding it, PMC acted on it, and began early to prepare for today’s healthcare environment.

You and everyone served by PMC are the beneficiaries of the results.

Thank you for your confidence in PMC and our care partners (our employees, physicians and volunteers), whose mission is to provide HEALING EXPERIENCES FOR EVERYONE ALL THE TIME®.

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