Our quality, safety, service, and low-cost excellence result from years of focus on our strategic Game Plan to guide how we fulfill our mission of providing healing experiences for everyone all the time®. Each month every hospital department reviews a matrix of clinical care, safety, patient experience and cost measurements. That focused attention has enabled PMC’s care partners to earn national distinctions from Consumer Reports, J.D. Power & Associates, Modern Healthcare magazine and many others.

Parrish Medical Center is among the nation’s best in clinical care and patient experiences, all while remaining Brevard’s lowest-cost hospital. 



INFOGRAPHIC | What to Avoid When Shopping the Healthcare Marketplace?

3 mistakes to avoid when shopping the health marketplace. It matters which plan you choose! As a good citizen, you purchased your health insurance on the market place within the requisite enrollment period. You picked an affordable plan with...Read More  



INFOGRAPHIC | Why does National Hospital Week matter?

National Hospital Week recognizes the contributions of millions of healthcare professionals from across the country who support the health of their communities in many meaningful ways. Why should this matter to you...Read More



INFOGRAPHIC | How Safe is Your Hospital? 

Parrish Medical Center is Florida's safest hospital as rated by Consumer Reports. We are also Brevard's only hospital to earn straight A's in every single grading period for hospital safety from the Leapfrog Group...Read More



INFOGRAPHIC | What Makes My Insurance Rate Go Up?

Three factors drive insurance rate increases: 1. Your employees' health status; 2. Your company's utilization and claims; 3. Increased utilization and claims across your industry or field. Here are situations that might occur with your employees...Read More



INFOGRAPHIC | Choosing a Health Insurance Plan?

Three questions to ask when choosing a plan: 1. What does the plan cover?; 2. What are the out of pocket expenses?; 3. What hospitals and doctors are in the plan? These three questions were suggested within the Read More



INFOGRAPHIC | Do I Need to Understand Healthcare Reform?

There's a difference between providing a valuable service and providing value. Healthcare protects and preserves people's lives, making all healthcare seem valuable. But a closer look shows that finding true value requires people to choose correctly...Read More



INFOGRAPHIC | What Makes Sense for Consumers?

ACA, VBP, HAC, HCAHPs, etc. These are just a few acronyms in the alphabet soup of Affordable Care through which businesses and consumers have to sift. Affordable care is, by design, complicated and makes decision-making about healthcare services...Read More



INFOGRAPHIC | Getting What You Pay For?

Quality impacts the bottom line. Is that stating the obvious? Well, yes. However, the concept of quality-based payment is relatively new to healthcare. As a companion to the federal Value Based Purchasing initiative, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid...Read More



INFOGRAPHIC | How is a Hospital's Quality Measured?

This week, we are continuing the conversation about value-based purchasing (VBP), the CMS initiative that rewards financial incentives to high quality care provided to Medicare patients. In review, with the demand side strategy of the VBP, quality care...Read More



INFOGRAPHIC | Where Will I Get the Best Total Healthcare?

When it comes to your healthcare, total performance matters, The federal Value-Based Purchasing (VBP Program assigns a Total Performance Score to America's hospitals as a means to measure, report and reward excellence in healthcare delivery...Read More



INFOGRAPHIC | High Value Healthcare for My Small Business

The "secret sauce" in the Affordable Care Act stew is the implementation of Value-Based Purchasing (VBP). VBP is a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) initiative that rewards financial incentives to high quality care provided...Read More



INFOGRAPHIC | When is Zero a Good Thing?

How is zero a good thing? When it comes to your health and safety, zero is definitely hero. Parrish Medical Center has been rated a "top performer" for years, as we have sustained a zero rate for Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI)...Read More



INFOGRAPHIC | How Do Brevard Hospitals Compare for Safety?

PMC scores and wins on nearly every quality and safety ranking scale used by consumer, employer, as well as federal, state and local regulatory agencies. Our five-time 'A' Hospital Safety Score assigned by The Leapfrog Group, for example, is a score...Read More



INFOGRAPHIC | What Matters When Choosing Hospitals?

February is heart month. From our hearts to yours, here's important healthcare information. Whether you're an employer, insurer, or an individual consumer of healthcare services, when making purchasing decisions quality, safety and cost matter...Read More



It Matters Which Hospital You Use! Compare for yourself. (CMS) (Joint Commission)


What is Total Performance Score?
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Total Performance Score (TPS) is derived from four domains in FY 2015—Clinical Process of Care, Patient Experience of Care, Outcome, and Efficiency domains. READ MORE

How Does Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Work?
CMS rewards hospitals based on the quality of care provided to Medicare patients, how closely best clinical practices are followed, and how well hospitals enhance patients’ experiences of care during hospital stays. Hospitals are no longer paid solely based on the quantity of services they provide. READ MORE

Consumer Reports | Deadly hospital infections are still too common
Many of the germs are far more common than Ebola, and some are nearly as dangerous
Published: November 15, 2014 06:00 AM 




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