Schedule a Health Expert

Are you looking for a speaker for your next community program? Health care is always at the top of the list of topics in which people are most interested - how to be healthy, how to stay healthy, threats to health, topics in the news regarding health, etc.Through the Parrish Medical Center Speaker's Bureau, speakers on these and other subjects are available to you, your community and civic organizations, business associations, houses of worship and more.

Making A Request

To request a speaker, please download the speaker request form, fill it out completely and fax it to 321-268-6258 at least 30 days prior to the event date. A representative from the PMC Communications & Service Excellence department will contact you to gather any additional information to help in coordinating the speaker. Please note the event information, topic of interest and whether you will need the speaker’s bio and/or head shot for marketing your community program as well as what audio/visual resources are available. Please identify a contact that will be available to meet the speaker on-site the day of the event. All programs offered through the Speakers Bureau are available free of charge.

Speaker Request Form | Download PDF

Available Topics

While the below list provides a broad overview of topics available through the Bureau, please ask if you are interested in a specific topic, as many of our speakers can tailor their presentations to better meet your needs.

Advance Directives and Living wills
Blood Pressure
Breast Health
Cancer Treatment
Cardiopulmonary Wellness
Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
Chronic Condition/Disease Management
Colon Cancer
Congestive Heart Failure
Digestive Health
Healthy Aging
Heart Disease Risk Factors/Heart Health
Heart Failure
Osteoporosis/Bone Density
Palliative Care
Peripheral Artery Disease
Prostate Cancer
Sleep Disorders
Smoking Cessation
Sports Medicine
Urinary Incontinence
Weight Management
Women's Health Issues
Wound Care

For more information about the Parrish Medical Center Speakers Bureau, please contact the PMC Service & People Excellence office at 321-268-6110 or at

Parrish Healthbridge: Healthcare Simplified

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  • Healthy Living

    Keep the Beat

    Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a common diagnosis indicating the heart isn't functioning as it should. Thankfully, the condition can be m...

  • Healthy Living

    What's the Pressure

    Tips to keep your blood flowing smoothlyAbout one in three Americans has high blood pressure. Half do not know they have it. Be aware of the...

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    Stroke Support

    By Janet Rooks, Parrish Medical Center Senior Solutions CoordinatorA stroke can happen to anyone, anytime. You could be sitting at home, eat...

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    All-Important Exercise

    Being active every day is critical for everyone’s wellness—but especially so for people with heart failure. Regular exercise can lower your...

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    Scale Down

    By Susan Coleman, MS, RD, LDN, CDE, Diabetes Education & Nutrition Services DirectorType 2 diabetes is a serious chronic condition that resu...

  • Healthy Living

    Sleep Savings

    Sleep is a lot like money. If you have enough, life is good. But if you’re in debt, everything is a little bit harder.Just as people struggl...

  • Healthy Living

    Sweet Dreams

    Getting good rest is not a luxury—it’s essential to your health. If you have trouble sleeping, know that help is nearBy Kristina Weaver, Par...

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    7 Steps to Healthy Aging

    7 Steps to Healthy AgingA look at what the happiest and healthiest seniors have in common--and how to improve your own odds.What’s the secre...

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    Boost Your Bones

    Our bones support us and keep us on the move, and yet we often take them for granted. Because bones naturally weaken as we age, we must figh...

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