Our Healing Experiences

Healing Moments are any and all opportunities PMC caregivers have to create a positive impression in the minds of caregivers, medical staff, patients/families, visitors and the community served. The goal of our Healing Moments initiative is to improve patient/family perceptions through improved communication between caregivers and patients/families.

As stated earlier, healing experiences are not generic, standardized, experiences we have devised and expect our caregivers to perform like actors on a stage. Healing experiences are truly meaningful connections and experiences given from one human out of love, caring and respect for another human.

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    • Healthy Living

      Light in Body, Light in Mind

      Health educator Tanya Abreu wasn’t always the picture of health. In fact, the author of The Feeling Factor: Lesser Known Risk Factors for Ca...

    • Healthy Living

      Sleep Savings

      Sleep is a lot like money. If you have enough, life is good. But if you’re in debt, everything is a little bit harder.Just as people struggl...

    • Healthy Living

      Sweet Dreams

      Getting good rest is not a luxury—it’s essential to your health. If you have trouble sleeping, know that help is nearBy Kristina Weaver, Par...

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      7 Steps to Healthy Aging

      7 Steps to Healthy AgingA look at what the happiest and healthiest seniors have in common--and how to improve your own odds.What’s the secre...

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      Boost Your Bones

      Our bones support us and keep us on the move, and yet we often take them for granted. Because bones naturally weaken as we age, we must figh...

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      Between the Bones

      If you feel pain and stiffness in your joints, you may have arthritis. This condition is caused by inflammation and swelling where two bones...

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      Mystery Men

      How much do you know about men's health, ladies?Even though a man will say he needs every gizmo at the hardware store, he’ll only ever use a...

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      Setting Up Advance Directives

      Don’t want to think about dying? We don’t blame you. But failing to consider your wishes now could cause problems later if you have a seriou...

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      Your Last Chapter: Expressing End-of...

      It's something that no one wants to think about, but everyone needs to: the endYou’ve seen it played out in movies—siblings squabbling over...

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