United Way Giving Campaign

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This Community Needs You

United Way Workplace Campaigns are held at small businesses and large corporations in a variety of industries. They are the backbone of United Way’s fundraising activities. During the campaign, employee campaign committees encourage employees to help people in our county by donating to United Way. They motivate people to give back by educating them about community needs.

You may find this hard to believe, but in Brevard County one child out of four goes to bed hungry. That child could be your neighbor’s child. He could be your sister’s child. She could be your child’s best friend.

During this year’s PMC United Way Campaign we have the opportunity to help these children—and many others of all ages—through our pledges and by volunteering our time and talents.

United Way’s work is focused on building our community with the building blocks of a good life—education, income and health. Our community needs kids who succeed in school, adults who can secure a good job, manage their finances and provide a healthy environment for their families.

These programs help residents of all ages, from babies to seniors and include 211 Brevard, Aging Matters in Brevard (which sponsors Meals on Wheels), American Red Cross, The Children's Center, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts in Brevard County, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, North Brevard Charities Sharing Center, The Salvation Army, Second Harvest Food Bank – Brevard Chapter, The Women's Center, and the YMCA to name just a few.

Your past, present and future contributions to our local United Way are a powerful foundation that can improve the lives of others. With payroll deduction, it is convenient to give back. Spreading your donation throughout the year makes it easier to increase your giving, while still staying within your budget. Thank you for your loyalty and dedication to our mission, vision and values. It truly distinguishes PMC from all others. I appreciate your thoughtful consideration in joining me this year in support of United Way of Brevard.

George Mikitarian DHA, FACHE President/Chief Executive Officer Parrish Medical Center  

With payroll deduction, it is convenient to give back. Spreading your donation throughout the year makes it easier to increase your giving while still staying within your budget. Pledge forms will be available throughout the campaign.


What is United Way’s overhead ratio?
United Way of Brevard has one of the lowest administration costs of not-for-profits in the county and of United Ways across the state and the nation. Our overhead ratio (defined as fundraising and administration expense divided by total revenue) is 9%, according to our most recent year IRS Form 990. United Way’s 990/audit is available upon request.

My friend wasn't helped, so I'm not giving!
Last year, United Way of Brevard helped over 200,000 people – over one-third of the county's population.However, there are still people who will not be served due to the limited funds that our programs have available. That is why it is so important to have as many people as possible participate in the campaign!

Why should I give?
You never know when you, a member of your family or a neighbor may need a United Way service due to job loss, loss of a loved one, illness, disabilities or family problems. Your gift helps ensure that United Way services are available when they’re needed.

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