For the Children

JPMF Establishes the Children’s Center Futures Fund

More than 1,200 typically developing and special needs children and their families are helped each year at The Children’s Center (TCC) in southern Titusville. With six different agencies under one roof, the center is a convenient and trusted resource for our community. Managed by Parrish Medical Center, TCC offers services including screenings and evaluations; early childhood education; caregiver training; counseling; physical, occupational and speech therapy; family support and assistance; tutoring; childbirth support; part-time and full-time day care; moms groups; playgroups; and respite care for typically developing children and those with special needs. These specialized services are provided by the partner agencies that work together for the total health and well-being of each child and family.

How You Can Help

Because TCC has low student-to-teacher ratios and provides necessary services based on the child’s need and not the parents’ ability to pay, TCC has operational needs beyond what client revenues generate each year. In order to sustain these services long into the future, Jess Parrish Medical Foundation created The Children’s Center Futures Fund, a reserve fund that can respond to annual needs and invest the remaining funds so interest income will be available for TCC’s future needs. JPMF’s fiscal year 2009 goal is to raise $250,000 in cash and pledges for the future of The Children’s Center with a long-term hope of creating a full-fledged endowment fund.

The Jess Parrish Medical Foundation helps support The Children’s Center through grant writing. At press time, grant funding totaled more than $75,000 and helped provide respite care, special programs and handicappedaccessible bicycles and swings. This would not have been possible without community support, especially from United Way of Brevard, Boeing Employee Community Fund, the Margaret Binz Foundation, and Community Foundation of Brevard.