Healing Generations

Healing Generations for Generations of Healing®

Parrish Health Village West
Three of the community’s most notable historic houses have been renovated and are now home to the following services:
• Philanthropy House (Jess Parrish Medical Foundation)
• Carey’s Guest House: features three suites for overnight stays
• Heritage Hall: a meeting place for health and wellness education

Our lives are a journey. No matter where that journey takes us or what it may bring, everyone deserves a life-journey of health, wellness, dignity and respect. The Parrish Health Village offers North Brevard residents an innovative solution to healing generations for generations of healing.   

Parrish Health Village
Parrish Senior Consultation Center
Parrish Senior Solutions Center
The Children's Center

Is my family health history useful?
Yes, your family health history can help your health care practitioner provide better care for you. It can help identify whether you have higher risk for some diseases. It can help your health care practitioner recommend actions for reducing your personal risk of disease. And it can help in looking for early warning signs of disease.

To help focus attention on the importance of family history, the Surgeon General, in cooperation with other agencies with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has launched a national public health campaign, called the Surgeon General's Family History Initiative, to encourage all American families to learn more about their family health history.

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