Lab Testing

Direct Access Lab Testing (DAT) gives you the freedom to request a blood test, lipid profile, etc., when you want it.

Parrish Medical Center offers a variety of lab tests at reduced cost. DAT gives you the freedom to request a blood test, lipid profile, etc., when you want it. For a nominal fee, you can choose from a menu of tests.

How does it work?
Simply download, complete and return a form to one of our five convenient locations in Titusville and Port St. John. Choose from the list of tests you would like to have performed. If you would like a form faxed to you, please call 321-268-6134. Payment is due at time of the service. Individual insurances will not be billed (patients must be 18 or older).

When do I get my results?
Your results will be mailed directly to your home within five to seven working days. If you need assistance interpreting your results, we encourage you to talk with your family physician and provide him/her with a copy. We will share the results with your physician when a formal request is made by you or your physician.

Laboratory Locations 

    Preregister at any location by calling 321-268-6107.
    Walk-ins will be accepted during regular operating hours at each location.  

    Parrish Medical Center                 
    951 N. Washington Avenue            
    Titusville, FL 32796                  
    Monday – Friday                        
    6:30 AM – 6 PM 

    Parrish Health & Fitness Center
    2210 Cheney Highway (SR-50)
    Titusville, FL 32780
    Monday – Friday
    6:30 AM – 2:45 PM  

    Parrish Healthcare Center at Port St. John
    5005 Port St. John Parkway
    Port St. John, FL 32927
    Monday – Friday
    7 AM – 4 PM 

    Parrish Laboratory Services
    1709 Garden Street
    Titusville, FL  32796
    Monday, Wednesday and Friday
    6:30 AM – 2:45 PM
    Tuesday & Thursday
    6:30 AM – 9:00 AM

    Parrish Medical Group Diagnostic Center
    3045 Columbia Blvd.
    Unit 108A
    Titusville, FL 32780
    7:00 am–7:00 pm

    Laboratory Client Information Manual

    1.     Laboratory Phone Numbers.pdf  
    2.     Laboratory Information Guide – Specimen Collection.pdf  
    3.     Tube Colors and Order of Draw.pdf
    4.     Collection Procedure for Clean Catch Urine.pdf 
    5.     Collection Procedure for Creatinine Clearance.pdf  
    6.     Collection Procedure for Timed Urine Specimen.pdf    
    7.     Collection Procedure for Occult Blood.pdf  
    8.     Collection Procedure for Stool Specimen.pdf     
    9.     Collection Procedure for Sputum Specimen.pdf  
    10.   Lab Test Catalog.pdf