Dance yourself healthy

Dancing has powerful benefi ts for your heart, lungs, brain and just about every other organ in your body. According to the Einstein Aging Study, summarized in the June 19, 2003, New England Journal of Medicine, dancing helps prevent dementia. The study found that dance was the only physical activity that benefi ted the brain, which was attributed to dance’s cerebral aspect.
Parrish Medical Center (PMC) celebrates the benefi ts of dance and good health at its annual Spirit of Women Day of Dance community event. The 2010 Day of Dance, on Feb. 27 at Sandpoint Park in Titusville, will let community members enjoy an awesome celebration of fi tness and heart health that includes dance instruction, demonstrations, games, prizes and health screenings.
But you don’t have to wait for Day of Dance to start dancing. You can experience exciting, unique group fitness dance classes at Parrish Health & Fitness Center.


It’s so much fun, you’ll want to do it every day—and you’ll feel good about exercising. In Zumba, you exercise to different Latin music beats and even some hip-hop. Zumba is an excellent aerobic workout, which means you’re working your heart. Your heart contracts about 70 times per minute throughout your lifetime, pumping about 5 liters, or 1.3 gallons, of blood each minute. Good aerobic workouts benefi t your entire body and can add to your longevity.

 belly dance

Wouldn’t it be fun to try exotic belly dancing as you improve your overall fi tness? The belly dance class is based on a variety of Middle Eastern dance moves geared toward fi tness. Each dance move focuses on the torso, isolating the abdominal muscles and emphasizing good posture with graceful arms. While using the various muscle groups, you can improve your posture and muscle tone, burn calories, relieve stress, and even prepare for childbirth when used as a prenatal exercise regimen.

 couples social dance

Are you a fan of the TV show Dancing with the Stars? Do you want to burn off calories? If so, then get out your dancing shoes, bring a friend or loved one and take couples social dance lesson. Private lessons also are available. Each fi ve-week session focuses on a single dance style, including Latin, salsa, jive, cha cha and more.