Healing Arts

Parrish Medical Center gets creative to achieve a truly healthy environment

The dulcet notes of a harp soar through the atrium as the sweet sounds of a flute play harmony. What could be more beautiful—or healing?

Parrish Medical Center is truly a healing environment, especially when you hear beautiful music or see spectacular works of art. Scientific studies have shown that music helps to relieve pain and reduce stress and anxiety for patients. It can result in physical changes, including improved respiration, lowered blood pressure, improved cardiac output, reduced heart rate and relaxed muscle tension.

A Healing Place

Music and the arts always have been an important part of healing at PMC, and you can hear musicians in the atrium every weekday. During the winter holidays, the atrium rings with a different kind of joyful sound as local school choirs and other singing groups share their voices with visitors and care partners.

Whether it’s a piano, harp, flute, trumpet or cello whose tones float to the top of the four-story atrium, music is an integral part of Parrish Medical Center.

Recently, a patient was having an EKG test and her nurse commented on how calm she was. The woman responded, “It’s because I hear beautiful music.” Innerpeace, a regularly scheduled harp and flute duo, was playing in the atrium at the time.

You’ll also see beautiful original artwork displayed in the hallway between the concierge desk and the emergency department. Thanks to the talented artists of the Titusville Art League, new art is hung every month for the enjoyment of all. The January featured artist, Marian Madsen, was 99 years young when her art was displayed. Madsen’s vibrant paintings brought smiles to the faces of those who traversed the hallway. The artwork also is available for purchase, so you might just find that perfect piece of art at PMC.

Go to Parrish Medical Center if you need medical care. But you can also go for the beautiful music and healing art. Many more musicians than are pictured here share their time and musical talents at PMC throughout the month.