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Created by request of the Parrish Medical Center Board of Directors, Florida Health (FH) has a multifaceted purpose:

>Align the local healthcare providers
For many years, the providers in the north Brevard County area have worked very independently; from each other and from the hospital. With the advent of Pay For Performance, transparency and electronic medical records, it is becoming more and more imperative for physicians and hospitals to work together. FH provides the mechanism by which the physicians, hospital, ancillary providers, payers and employers can all work together around one common interest – improving the healthcare of the patient. This ties together the continuum of care, resulting in better outcomes, reporting, and finances.

>Position the local healthcare providers as leaders of change
Changes to the healthcare system are happening rapidly. The State of Florida is developing RHIOs (regional health information organizations) for the express purpose of tying regions together using electronic connectivity. In addition, several of the healthcare systems in the central Florida area have targeted North Brevard as a strategic market. As a result, we decided to create our own organization, built by us, controlled by us, and with our local community’s interest at heart. FH allows us to be leaders of change.

>Assist physicians reduce expenses and increase opportunities
By taking advantage of economies of scale, we are able to lower costs. Working together as a community, FH helps the local providers obtain services (such as payroll), supplies, electronics (e.g., electronic medical record), and billing at volume-discounted rates. In addition, FH coordinates training, handles the managed care contracting and credentialing process, helps with reporting, practice management, quality improvement, and group purchasing. We also work on ways to market our provider members (physicians and PMC) to the community so that we become a healthcare destination. 

Florida Health is owned by North Brevard Medical Support, which is a side-by-side not-for-profit organization that handles the recruiting, retention and support of physicians employed by Parrish Medical Center (PMC). The Board of Directors is made up of six network physicians, one representative from PMC administration, and one representative from FH administration (a physician).